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WG 3: Aerosol Measurement Techniques


Chair: Christof Asbach

The Topic of Aerosol Measurement Techniques covers all aspects related to the measurement of aerosol and their properties and the evaluation of the resulting data. These techniques cover a very wide range of applications, including atmospheric, workplace, and process aerosols.


The main topics are:

  • Sampling and measurement of aerosols. This includes both ambient and workplace environments and issues relating to sampling strategies, selection of sites, sampling artifacts, development and improvement of sampling techniques as well as physical and chemical analysis.

  • Development of new measurement approaches. This includes, but is not limited to, new approaches and applications of optical techniques, aerosol sizing and other physical parameters, chemical composition and the miniaturization of aerosol sensors.

  • Data analysis techniques. Issues relating to the interpretation of aerosol measurements such as source apportionment, relationship to other measurements such as gaseous and meteorological parameters.

  • Legislation and policy. Application of aerosol measurements to the regulatory framework such as the measurement of limit values, methodologies connected to demonstration of natural contribution to PM burden – e.g. sea salt, dust episodes, natural organic emissions.

  • Atmospheric science. The innovative use of existing instrumentation or the application of new instrumentation to study new or established issues in aerosol science.


  1. Aerosol standards, calibration and accuracy

  2. Comparison of different measurement methods

  3. Aerosol sampling and sampling artefacts

  4. Optical measurement techniques

  5. Electrical measurement techniques, including electrical mobility analysis

  6. Instrumentation for chemical characterization of aerosol

  7. Measurement techniques of combustion aerosols

  8. Interpretation of measurement data

  9. Novel measurements and new instrumentation

  10. Legislation and policy

WG members

(chair) Christof Asbach
Andreas Held
Attila Nagy
David Green
Martin Rigler

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