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EAA Working Groups


WG 3: Aerosol Measurement Techniques

Chair: Christof Asbach


The Topic of Aerosol Measurement Techniques covers all aspects related to the measurement of aerosol and their properties and the evaluation of the resulting data. These techniques cover a very wide range of applications, including atmospheric, workplace, and process aerosols.


Subtopics (responsible person)

  1. Instrument and sampler calibration and performance evaluation (Martin Rigler)

  2. Instrumentation for physical aerosol characterization (Attila Nagy)

  3. Instrumentation for chemical aerosol characterization (Andreas Held)

  4. Instrumentation for biological aerosol characterization (David Green)

  5. Novel measurement principles and new instrumentation (David Green)

  6. Miniaturized and low cost instrumentation (Christof Asbach)

  7. Comparison of different measurement methods (Christof Asbach)

  8. Measurement techniques for combustion aerosols (Martin Rigler)

  9. Implementation of existing measurement methods and instruments for novel studies (Andreas Held)

  10. Interpretation of data (Attila Nagy)

WG members

Andreas Held
Attila Nagy
Christof Asbach (chair)
David Green
Martin Rigler
Oliver F. Bischof

Überschrift 1

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