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EAA Working Groups


WG 1: Aerosol Technology


Chair: Georgios Kelesidis

Aerosol technology includes the research and development fields ranging from conventional areas such as emission control, filtration and powder technology, to more recent ones such as advances in functional nanomaterials and Industry4.0 systems. Specific sub-topics could be but are not limited to: Material synthesis and structuring via aerosol/gas phase processes. Functional nanomaterials, e.g. coating and surface modification of nanoparticles. Nanostructured materials from aerosols including also films and coatings by aerosol deposition. Scaling-up: from lab-scale to industrial production via aerosol processing. Filtration and gas cleaning technologies. Electrical Phenomena. Charging and electrical effects. Electrosprays. Industrial and high temperature aerosols. Combustion aerosols and related emission control e.g. in the transport and energy sector.


Subtopics (responsible person)

  1. Synthesis, structuring and applications of functional nanoparticles (Vasiliki Tsikourkitoudi, Andreas Guentner)

  2. Nanoparticle surface modification, deposition and thin film formation (Ismael Ortega)

  3. Process analysis and monitoring (Georgios Kelesidis)

  4. Transportation aerosol emissions and control technologies combustion aerosols from vehicles, airplanes and ships (Michal Vojtisek-Lom)

  5. Electrical effects including electrosprays and electric discharges (Luewton Lemos F. Agostinho)

  6. High temperature aerosols and biomass combustion (José Morán)

  7. Filtration for functional materials, combustion and industrial aerosols (Mohsen Kazemimanesh)

  8. Aerosol and emissions standards (Anne Maisser)

WG members

Andreas Guentner
Anne Maisser
Georgia Kastrinaki
Georgios Kelesidis (chair)
Ismael Ortega
Jose Moran Cofre
Luewton Lemos F. Agostinho
Michal Voitisek-Lom
Mohsen Kazemimanesh
Vasiliki Tsikourkitoudi

Überschrift 1

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