Student Travel Support 2019

GAeF supported 23 students from different areas within aerosol research for travelling to the European Aerosol Conference 2019 in Gothenburg! 

Paulus Bauer

University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics

In-situ Aerosol Nanoparticle Characterization by Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

The GAeF Student Travel Support was my ticket to the European Aerosol Conference 2019. Without this support I would not have been able to come to Gothenburg. Thanks for this great opportunity!

Malte Bierwirth

Clausthal University of Technology

SMPS-ICP-MS Coupling to Simultaneously Characterize Particle Size Distributions and Mass Compositions in an Aerosol

I am very grateful to GAeF for the Student Travel support, as this allowed me to attend the EAC2019 in Gothenburg.
This was my first EAC and I had the opportunity to listen to many different presentations covering a broad spectrum of Aerosol research. Furthermore, I had interesting discussions with experts of different fields after their presentations or at one of the many posters. Additionally, the Student Travel Support granted by GAeF enabled me to present my work as an oral presentation.

Gang Chen


Conducting Rolling PMF Analysis Using Source Finder Professional (SoFi Pro) for Different Sources of Organic Aerosols (OA)

It was great meeting in Gothenburg last week, and thank you so much for your travel grant.

Sigurd Christiansen

Aarhus University

A New Sea Spray Aerosol Simulation System: Effects of Aerosol Generation Method, Temperature and Presence of Diatoms

This was my first EAC and certainly not my last one. Great sessions, inspiring talks and nice poster discussion. A great experience, especially the Young Investigator Network event. Thank you GAeF for the travel support!

Carmen Dameto de Espana

University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics

Redesign of a Versatile Aerosol Concentration Enrichment System (VACES) for Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentrations Enrichment

I would like to express my gratitude to Gaef for the Student Travel support. The EAC 2019 conference was really fruitful. It provided me new research ideas and facilitated new collaborations.

Sebastian Düsing


The Effect of Rapid Relative Humidity Changes on Fast Filter-based Aerosol Particle Light Absorption Measurements: Uncertainties and Correction Schemes

I would like to thank the GAef for the travel support. This enabled me to present my personal research to the scientific community and to thrive on it. I was fortunate to get such great insights into the research of others. The application process was simple and I can warmly recommend every PhD student to apply for the opportunity to have the same great experience.

Varun Aiyar Ganesan

Clausthal University of Technology

Electrospray Assisted Flame Pyrolysis of Metal-Oxide and Mixed Metal-Oxide Nanoparticles

As a student working in the field of aerosols, attending and learning from experts at different EACs has been a fruitful exercise. The travel support extended to students by GAeF has helped me be a part of the esteemed congress. The colossal conference organized every year has provided me with a platform to not only propagate my findings but also to discuss, brainstorm and interpret details that have helped tremendously. It has been a forum for interaction with other researchers, resulting in valuable collaborations. I am thankful and look forward to the continuous encouragement of the student community by the GAeF

Yvette Gramlich

Stockholm University

Temperature Dependence of Secondary Organic Aerosol Chemical Composition from Toluene and a-Pinene

I am very grateful for the student travel support from GAeF. During EAC, I had very inspiring conversations.
Presenting my poster was an especially valuable opportunity to discuss my research and obtain ideas for future work.

Theresa Haller

University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics

Analysis of structural changes of two different CAST soots during a thermal-optical measurement procedure

I am very thankful for the travel support of the GAeF, which allowed me to participate at the EAC2019 and present my latest work. It was a great, well organized and interesting conference and I came back with a lot of new ideas and motivation.

Chuan Ping Lee


High Frequency Chemical Resolution of Gas and Particle Phase Measurements for Atmospheric Applications: First Dual-Phase-EESI-ToF Development

It was an eye-opener for an early state PhD student like me to participate such a conference that showcases very interdisciplinary aerosol science, which consists so many innovative applications. What I find extremely interesting is the application of functional nanoparticles which can potentially change our lifestyle in future like how semiconductor does nowadays. Last but not the least, I had also the opportunities to interact with a lot of in-field experts for my work. All constructive inputs are definitely helpful for my development project (Dual-Phase-Extractive Electrospray Ionization-TOF) in online-measurement of gas-particle partitioning rate and chemical kinetics. All of these will be otherwise, less likely to happen without the GAeF Student Travel Grant, thanks GAeF! :-)

Nikolina Leona Serdarević

TU Berlin

Flow Reactor Experiments to Study the Influence of Ions on Secondary Aerosol Formation

It was my great pleasure to participate at the European Aerosol Conference 2019. I am thankful for the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and the possibility to meet all the experts in the field of aerosol science. The conference was very nice and pleasant experience that gave me a chance to exchange and expand my ideas. The conference organization was great and presented topics more than interesting.

Vaios Moschos


Observational Constraints on the Light Absorption Characteristics of Chemically-Speciated Sluble and Insoluble Atmospheric Carbonaceous Aerosols by Filter-Based Techniques

I was excited to give my first poster presentation at a European Aerosol Conference with the support of GAeF, discuss the results of my current research on carbonaceous aerosol absorption with other students and interact/exchange feedback with scientists working on this broad topic.

Christian Pilz


Balloon-Borne In-Situ Aerosol Measurements in the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer during MOSAiC

Thank you GAef for the student travel support to EAC 2019 in Gothenburg. Many interesting presentations and talks with other scientists made the conference a good experience to me. It motivates me to continue with my own scientific work.

Jalal Poostforooshan

Clausthal University of Technology

Synthesis and Simulation of Nanospherical Mesoporous Carbon Nitride and its Application as a Photoinitiator for Aerosol-Photopolymerization

The “EAC 2019” was a successful conference. Such a conference involves enormous amounts of time and energy. I learned a lot and enjoyed meeting so many people from various universities. It was my pleasure to attend this conference. Thank you for organizing everything!

Rai Pragati


Highly Time- and Size-Resolved Measurements of Aerosol Trace Elements and their Source Apportionment in European and Asian Cities

David Schmoll

University of Vienna, Faculty of Physics

Characterization of a Non-Thermal Plasma Source for the Use as a Mass Spec Calibration Tool and Non-Radioactive Aerosol Charger

This summer I got the opportunity to join the European Aerosol Conference in Gothenburg (Sweden) to present my recent work in my first conference talk. As I am still in the very early stages of my scientific career this was a big adventure and a formative experience for me. I had the chance to get a glimpse of the ongoing progress in the field of aerosol science, talk to a lot of interesting and experienced people and enjoy a good time with my colleagues and friends. I am sure that I will remember my first conference for a very long time. Therefore I want to thank my supervisor Paul Winkler that he gave me this amazing opportunity and of course I also want to thank the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung (GAeF) for the financial support that helped me a lot in the planning of this journey.

Masoom Shaban

Clausthal University of Technology

In Situ Encapsulation of Various Semiconductor Nanoparticles with Polymer Shell by Surface-Initiated Aerosol-Photopolymerization

The “EAC 2019” was very enjoyable and academically very profitable; it was my pleasure to be there and to share what I have been doing with a group of outstanding academicians.

Timur Sograbi

Ural Federal University

The Dependence of Thermophoresis on Molecule-Surface Interaction

The main purpose of our present work was to investigate the role of interaction between an aerosol particle surface and the surrounding gas phase in a free molecule regime. This type of interaction might lead to lot of phenomena causing the particle to move spontaneously. Such motion occurs in the presence of the temperature gradient and called thermophoresis. As a result, we obtained the expressions for the thermophoretic force and velocity for an arbitrary type of molecule¬–surface interaction. These results can help one to compare the experimental data on aerosol particle motion with the current existing theories of molecule–surface interaction, as well as ones to be developed.

Ditte Thomsen

Aarhus University

The Effect of Temperature and Chamber UV Intensity on the Formation of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Isoprene Oxidation by Hydroxyl Radicals

At EAC 2019, I met role models, great scientists, and young researchers like me. Thanks to GAeF for enabling my attendance!

Anna Tobler


Characterization and Source Apportionment of PM1 Organic Aerosol in Krakow, Poland

The conference was a great experience and offered lots opportunities to connect with people from my field.

Yu Wang

University of Manchester

A chamber study of seed behaviour on organic aerosol formation from biogenic and anthropogenic mixtures

I spent a wonderful time in EAC 2019, with excellent talks, posters and interesting discussions.

Andebo Waza

Technical University Darmstadt

Field comparison of Dry Deposition Samplers for Collection of Atmospheric Mineral Dust: Results from Single-particle Characterization

I am so honored and thankful for being selected by the GAeF Executive Board for student travel support program. The GAef Travel Support enabled me to attend and present my research at EAC2019.

Jens Wiegmann

Clausthal University of Technology

Production of Piezoelectric Polymers in a One-step Spray-drying Process

I wish to thank the GAeF for making my visit to EAC 2019 possible. It was my first ever international conference and it gave me an opportunity to interact with experts in the field of my interest. These interactions were helpful in crafting new ideas for my future work. I got an insight in to different fields of aerosol science through the many different posters and oral presentations. Furthermore, the student travel support gave me the opportunity to orally present my work.

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