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The "Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung e.V." (GAeF) was founded in 1972 in order to promote all areas of aerosol research, to provide information on an interdisciplinary basis amongst members and the public, to provide an international forum for collaboration and support scientific education and teaching at all levels. GAeF has member from all over the world and encourages aerosol scientists to join the society.

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Schmauss Award

Schmauss Award

The new "Schmauss award" shall be granted to an outstanding young scientist in the field of atmospheric aerosol science and is thus comparable to the Smoluchowski award, which in the future will be limited to scientists from more technical aerosol science fields.

Regulations and Procedures

1. Award

(a) The Schmauss Award, named after the physicist / meteorologist August Schmauss (1877-1952), is intended to recognize significant research contribution to atmospheric aerosol science.

(b)  The award shall be given to a young researcher (as a rule under 40 years of age) who has achieved and published new results in in atmospheric aerosol science in the preceding 3 years. It may be shared by two individuals judged to be equally meritorious.

(c) The award will be conferred by the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung (GAeF) during the annual European Aerosol Conference.

2. The Award Committee

(a) The award committee is composed of at least four member of the Gesellschaft für Aerosolforschung (GAeF). The actual number is decided by the board of GAeF. The members of the committee are elected by the GAeF board for a period of 3 years, with one possible prolongation. The award committee elects a chairman, the election is led by the past chairman. In case of impediment the president of GAeF leads the election. The past chairman is a member of the Schmauss Award Committee ex officio.

(b) The names of the members of the award committee are listed on the GAeF web page.

3. Nominations

(a) The Schmauss Award Committee of GAeF invites nominations of candidates from members of GAeF and other scientists working in the field of atmospheric aerosol science according to the regulations issued by the Schmauss Award Committee and posted at the home page of GAeF and by public announcement in the Journal of Aerosol Science and/or other scientific publications.

(b) Nominations should be sent before 1 May of each year to the chairman of the Schmauss Award Committee. Researchers in all areas of atmospheric aerosol science are eligible and may be nominated by any other scientists.

(c) Nomination is made by a full letter of justification including a curriculum vitae and a bibliography. The letter should include at least one specific reference to an outstanding work of the nominee.

(d) The nominee need not be a member of the aerosol organizations.

(e) Nominations may be carried over to the following award by a renomination letter.

4. Selection

(a) The committee will review all nominations in closed session. After a discussion of the candidates the Smoluchowski Award Committee votes on the candidates. The voting procedures are decided by the Smoluchowski Award Committee. If the award committee discusses a candidate coming from the institution of one of the members of the committee, this member neither is allowed to speak about this candidate, nor to vote.

(b) A copy of the minutes of the session is sent to the secretary general of GAeF.

(c) The award committee has the discretionary power to not select an awardee in any given period.

(d) The annual award consists of a certification and a donation of 2.000 €. Please, send your nominations to the chair of the award committee before May 1. The name(s) and achievements of the awardee(s) will be published in the Journal of Aerosol Science.

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Prof. Dr. Alfred Weber

Chair Of Committee

Physics Department
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Dr. Hugh Coe

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email: birgit[at]tropos.de

Dr. Birgit Wehner

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Winners of the Schmauss Award

2018 Jay Slowik & Rujin Huang

2019 Bernadett Weinzierl & Rajan K. Chakrabarty