GAeF Support of Workshops

GAeF Support​ of Workshops


  • Workshop should cover a topic within aerosol research.

  • The application should contain the scientific goals, the target group (or a list of invited persons) as well as a statement what the money is needed for.

  • Public announcement of the workshop at least 2 months before the workshop (at least on the GAeF homepage). 

  • At least a 1-p summary of the workshop results has to be made available for posting on the GAeF homepage.

  • The maximum support per workshop is limited to 5.000 €.

  • An itemized statement on the costs is required after the workshop.

  • The deadline for applications is 01 August for the following year.

Please contact the chair of award committee for support.

Leibniz Institut für Troposphärenforschung

Permoserstr. 15

04318 Leipzig


TEL: +49-341-235-2918

FAX: +49-341-235-2361

email: birgit[at]

Dr. Birgit Wehner

Chair Of Committee