Awards 2019

Smoluchowski  Award 2019

„The Smoluchowski Award shall be given to a young researcher who has achieved and published new results in aerosol science …“

Award Committee: Jean-Pascal Borra, Gerhard Kasper, Einar Kruis, Alfred Weber

Dr. Maria Messing

Lund University

Gas Phase Synthesis and Characterization of Engineered Nanoparticles for Catalysis and Toxicity Studies


2007 M.Sc. Engineering Nanoscience (Lund University)

2011 Ph.D. in Solid State Physics (Lund University)

2011-14 Postdoc Synchrotron Radiation Research (Lund University)

2014-17 Assistant Professor Solid State Physics (Lund University)

since 2018 Associate Professor (Lund University)


Publications:   75 (& 2 Patents)

Citations:  2116

H-index:  26


Honors:  Winner of the Philips University Challenge

Student Travel Support​

Schmauss Award 2019

„The Schmauss Award shall be given to a young researcher who has achieved and published new results in atmospheric aerosol science …“

Award Committee: Hugh Coe, Thorsten Hoffmann, Birgit Wehner, Alfred Weber

Prof. Dr. Rajan K. Chakrabarty

Washington University in Saint Louis

Characterization of the optical properties of carbonaceous aerosols with implications to radiative forcing, climate change, and remote sensing


2005  M.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics (University of Nevada Reno)

2008  Ph.D. in Chemical Physics (University of Nevada Reno)

2011-14 Assistant Research Professor (Laboratory for Aerosol Science, Spectroscopy and Optics, Desert Research Inst. Reno)

2015-18 Director, Center for Aerosol Science   and Engineering (WU St. Louis) 

since 2014 Assistant Professor (WU St. Louis)    



Publications:   71 (38 within last 3 years)

Citations:  2380

H-index:  22

Honors:    American Geophysical Union (AGU) Global Environmental Change, Richard M. Goody Award, etc.

Prof. Dr. Bernadett Weinzierl

University of Vienna

Analysis of aerosol long-range transport and aerosol-cloud- interaction by perfecting and performing airplane measurements


2004 M.Sc. Meteorology (LMU Munich)

2008 Ph.D. Physics (LMU Munich)

2007-10 Aerosol Scientist (DLR, Oberpfaffen- hofen)

2010-16 Helmholtz-Univ. Young Investigator Group AerCARE (LMU Munich)

since 2016 Full Professor for Aerosol and Cluster Physics (University of Vienna)


Publications: 77 (27 within last 3 years)

Citations: 2326 H-index:31

Honors: NASA Group Achievement Award, ERC Starting Grant, DLR Science Award, Therese-von-Bayern Award, etc.

GAeF PhD Award 2019

The GAeF PhD Award is new since 2018 and granted to young scientists whose ideas have provided decisive stimulus in their area of aerosol research and who are recognized as outstanding among their peers in their field. The distinction is based on an outstanding doctoral thesis that has been submitted no more than 2 years before the call for nominations. The GAeF PhD Award can be annually awarded to a maximum of two early career scientists.

Award Committee: Birgit Wehner, Anne Maisser, Claudia Mohr, Christoph Asbach, Otmar Schmid

Yang Wang

Washington University in St. Louis

Sub 2 nm particle characterization in systems with aerosol formation


2012 B.S. in thermal engineering at Tsinghua University (China), Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award of Tsinghua University (top 5%)

2017 Ph.D. at Washington University in St. Louis awarded with Ph.D. Dissertation Award (top 5%), Washington University in St. Louis

After PHD he went to Brookhaven National Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher


6 first-author publications during his Ph.D. (2012 – 2017), one in 2018

In total 23 publications during Ph.D.

Supervisor Pratim Biswas: "Yang Wang is clearly in the Top 5 students that I have graduated over my entire career."

Andreas Güntner

ETH Zürich

Selective gas sensors from flames for breath analysis


2014 M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering at ETH in 2014, ETH Medal for outstanding M.Sc.

2017 best poster award at EAC and other prizes

2017 Ph.D. at ETH Zürich, ETH Medal for outstanding PhD thesis

2019 Beiersdorf Excellence Award in Product Design and Engineering by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering

Lecturer and research team leader, Dept. of Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETH Zürich

4 first-author publications during PhD + 4 in 2018 and 2019 (in total 18 papers and 4 patents since 2013)

20 (13 invited) oral and 52 poster presentations since 2014